Who We Are

Welcome to Natty's Essentials and thanks for stopping by!

We are an all-natural, handmade, chemical-free, hand/body and home goods company that prides in making products that are safe for you and your environment!

The concept of Natty's Essentials started from my desire to improve the health of my family with a natural and organic approach. As we became more and more sensitive to products on store shelves I knew it was important for me to do what ever I could to fix it! Because the health of my family depended on it. 

 With my background in personal fitness and science and my passion for creating things, I began developing products that felt good, smelled good, and serves the purpose for each and every family member and now customer.

Please take a look at all of our wonderfully handmade and chemical free products. Let them transport you into a world where all things we love is created to love us back!