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Natty’s Essentials

Natty's Fire Cider Tonic

Natty's Fire Cider Tonic

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Natures Medicine is the Best Medicine


Taste the zesty and invigorating power of Natty's Fire Cider Tonic. Our handcrafted cold and flu fighter is an all-natural blend of organic ginger, onions, turmeric, star anise, bay leaf, jalapeños, raw honey, and apple cider vinegar with the mother. Make colds and flus a thing of the past--desire Natty's Fire Cider!

Apple Cider mixture is shelf stable; no need to refrigerate. "Dosing amount" is up to you, but for reference, I take 1 Tbsp twice a day when feeling bad.

No need to strain mixture! Shake and pour desired amount into tablespoon.

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