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Natty’s Essentials

Natty's Super Moss Gel (Sea Moss)

Natty's Super Moss Gel (Sea Moss)

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Natty's Essentials is pleased to offer "Natty's Super Moss" Irish Wildcrafted Seamoss Gel.

This raw and highly concentrated Seamoss gel is derived from the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia. It contains up to 102 minerals per serving needed for daily health. Natty's Seamoss gel is not heated to keep all minerals and nutrients in tact. Our Seamoss is washed and soaked in spring water giving additional life to your gel.


For Who:  For those looking to improve their health.

Directions For Use: Take at least 3 tablespoons a day of seamoss by itself or with food, smoothies, or tea. Refrigerate up to 2 to 3 weeks. Freeze up to 6 MONTHS.

Ingredients: organic and raw Irish Seamoss, spring water, lime juice.

*Immediate refrigeration required.

Product Size: 8oz/16oz


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